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Artist Spotlight: Lyle Eddy

The Bridge Tulsa - Monday, October 05, 2015

Our first artist has installed his collection at The Bridge! We wanted to get to know a little bit more about Lyle Eddy and his work with a short interview. Don't forget to come out to our Grand Opening night to meet Lyle and view his art!  


What is your background?

I studied art at the University of Tulsa for two years. I was a painting major with a minor in printmaking and art history. I received my associates degree from Coffeyville Community College in Coffeyville, KS. I study art there as well with Mike DeRosa. This is my first showing.


What inspired you? 

My inspiration for this series of work is Music. More specifically, musicians and musicians that have touched my heart and soul through the years of my life. I’ve grown up with some of these artists and discovered others on my own, but they all have inspired and motivated me through all aspects of my life. 


Music moves us in a way that we can’t always define or describe. It evokes so much emotion whether it’s happy or sad. it is always there for you when you need it and for whatever mood you are in. I love how a simple sound in a song or a lyric can send a chill down your spine and make you feel something so deep and true that it would choke you up or make you want to yell out in excitement and that it brings so much joy to so many people and comforts you when life feels like it’s at its darkest hour. I truly could not imagine a world without music.


Who or what are your influences?

My personal influences include my father Gary Eddy and my mother Pamela Eddy. My father has been a constant presence in my life and has always been the person I talked to about my art and life in general and my mother has always given me her undying support and love that has helped to guide me through life. 


As far as this series of paintings I was thinking a lot about the artists from the pop art movement; Warhol specifically, in that I’m using popular and iconic images. I really just tried to draw from my own personal thoughts and feeling in regards to each musician that i was painting though.


What did your process for "Face the Music" look like? 

My process varied from piece to piece. The one constant in all the portraits is how I painted the faces. I felt that the images of and the musicians themselves were so iconic that they didn’t need to be weighed down by heavy detail. It was like I wanted to just create almost an essence of them, because to me they are bigger than life and how can I truly paint that. So I hoped to create a feeling of them rather than an exact copy. I knew that the viewer wouldn’t have difficulty in identifying who they were if they were familiar with the musician. I wanted it to be more of an experience than simply a picture of a rock and roller. 


I used oil paints on a couple of the early ones, and it evolved into using melted wax and dye to create the surface I then painted on with acrylic paints, or I used paint pens and markers and some ink and oil pastels. I really just used whatever I felt was best for the particular piece I was working on. I tried to not get caught up in thinking about things like that and just explored whatever I was thinking about and feeling in the moment.



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