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Coworking for Collaboration

The Bridge Tulsa - Friday, October 09, 2015

 If I were asked about the most meaningful event in my professional career, I would have to say it was collaboration. I purchased my first business at the age of 25. Performing bookkeeping services and tax preparation for a handful of small businesses was a great way to enter the world of business. The problem was I only had the minimal experience learned from a part-time business owner who I worked with for four years and then purchased the business from.


Progress and growth was very slow in coming. I attended as many professional training events as I could, read every business newspaper and journal I could find. But the daily encouragement to try new things and help in evolving strategies was not there. After 15 years I did have a couple of employees, but the business was still small; mostly what I could handle on my own with some clerical help.


My collaboration took the form of partnership. We determined we could help each other by bringing various strengths to the table. Within five years the partnership was five times the size of my solo business.


I read recently 38% of millennials are freelancing compared to 32% of the rest of the work force. Collaboration is the driving force behind my desire to create a coworking space in Tulsa. I enjoy working with some very creative young people taking the entrepreneurial journey. Sharing insight, encouragement, professional knowledge and experience with each other will accelerate their journey. I look forward to helping them see success.


by Gary Crouch, Owner 


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